xVision: A Class Of Its Own

Introducing a completely new standard for touring and commercial LED video display systems. With its high brightness, fast and safety-certified rigging system, smart power and data connections, easy access for field maintenance, full IP65 rating, powerful yet ultra-quiet cooling, and interchangeable modules (regardless of pixel pitch), xVision raises the bar to new levels for the entire LED display industry.

Fast and Easy Setup

Time is of the essence, and that’s especially true in the live event and commercial markets, where tight deadlines and short setup times dominate the industry.

From its quick connectors to its toolless magnetic rigging system, xVision was engineered from the ground up to reduce setup times and maintenance downtimes.

While previous products mandated large teams, complex installation procedures and tedious mounting requirements, an average xVision screen can be setup singlehandedly by one operator in less than an hour.

Seamless Display Surface

As pixel pitches get tighter and viewing distances get closer, a seamless display surface with no cracks or apparent joints becomes of the utmost importance.

Each xVision panel is casted in an extremely rigid aluminum frame, which gives a much smaller tolerance for gaps and deformations compared to other methods such as extrusions and folded metal frames.

Then, its edges are sanded precisely down to and tenth of a millimetre to reach the exact panel dimensions. Combined with a clever adjustment system, this ensures your screen will look seamless from any angle.

Amazing Picture Rendering


Utilizing true real-time 16-bit processing and stringent LED quality controls, xVision renders colours more truthfully than before. Most LED display systems employ a complex array of scaling and compressing devices in their signal chain, all of which add latency and potentially distort the original image.

Our philosophy was simple: Give the straightest path to the signal so it would come out exactly as it should. This means sub 5-millisecond latency, and a cleaner image than ever before.

Each LED chip used in the fabrication of the panels is carefully chosen from consistent binnings to ensure even, repeatable results. Once assembled, the panels are put through over 96 hours of burn testing, and are then calibrated using our state of the art calibration facilities. So the colours are always consistent across your screen even if you purchase panels at different times.

Reliable Power and Data Link

Setting new standards: That’s what xVision is all about. It’s the reason we went away from traditional RJ45 or HDMI connectors, which were after all never designed for heavy industrial use.

What we came up with is a connector with up to 25 times the mating lifetime of an RJ45, with better electrical and mechanical link.

Our proprietary XVT connectors have IP65 rating, lock positively, and do not require aligning pins and fumbling with screws to mate them. And power and data connectors share the same parts, so it’s easier to get spare parts quickly in the field.


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