Combining Experience with Calculated Risk


The city’s most sought after fundraising gala for Children’s Mental Health gets set to make a strong come back after being forced to go virtual due to pandemic lockdowns. The stakes are high; resources, time and certainty are at an all time low but recipients, families and the community as a whole are in need of children’s mental health service support like never before. Coupled with an organizational re-brand launch, THRIVE CASA Gala had to be unlike any other plus gain full trusting support of sponsors, donors and gala attendees in order to quickly bounce back and continue delivering it’s highly demanded mental health services. A jam-packed and emotion evoking roster of entertainment was booked; now it was up to invert720 to be a major player in pulling it off.


March 6, 2022 the provincial government gives the go ahead for in-person events to finally happen. In turn, this gave the team only 2 months to fully design, prepare, gather substantial resources in a pandemic economy and execute this large event on the already secured annual date of May 13th. The small yet mighty team at invert hit the ground running to bring back staff and a full roster of our reputable freelancer labour, source reliable trucking, coordinate gear shipments, help source the appropriate venue and expedite logistics in a highly competitive launch of event industry come back filled with supply shortages.


Attention to the fine details of CASA’s new brand kit needed to be perfect for this launch. Each element had to have purpose, elevation and add to the in-person experience. Through collaborative design, animated sponsor logos, social media engagement prompts, interactive QR codes, dedicated sponsor recognition elements, animated backgrounds and dynamic lower thirds were built by our graphic design team. Communication was critical and in turn, the ultimate key to success.


After a full day install the day before, the foyer, main room and multiple stages was set for THRIVE CASA Gala. The lighting design was aw-inspiring. Reaching for the stars and inspired to thrive, the design mimicked a constellation theme throughout the main room and into the foyer.


Upon doors opening, attendees were welcomed into the room with an immersive visual and crystal clear audio experience. The program included eight top talent entertainment acts of various genres, numerous speakers, emcees plus emotion evoking graphic slates, video playbacks and audio tracks. A fast paced, back to back production that had no room for error; or lack of skill. As the program concluded, CASA achieved their ambitious but critical fundraising goal to continue on as a leading non-profit organization and kicked off a very successful start to their re-brand journey.


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