Each year we choose one special cause to support through our services. We’re honoured to have worked with the MS Society, the Boys and Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters and so many other worthy charitable and industry events.  If you have a cause you’d like us to consider for a coming year please send us the following information to info@invert720.com:

  • Organization name and information (Who, what, where, when, why?)
  • Type of support you’d like us to consider offering (event production or content creation)
  • Type of event – is it a snowball fight, dance party, awards show or live/silent auction…the more details the better
  • How many people do you expect to attend?
  • What type of exposure is available?

You should know that we hold health, children and industry causes close to our hearts. 

While we wish we could help every organization that asks, and we do our best to always do something, please keep in mind that our kids need to eat too.

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