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The Challenge:

How do you excite, engage and surprise the same audience with high-end audio/visual design year after year at an annual convention? Fountain Tire has prided itself on providing professional development to their management team across the country by inviting them to come together to learn, celebrate successes and strengthen their team culture in a picturesque setting. Planning and executing these events each year requires a whole-team effort, collaborative thinking and creative brilliance to pique the interest of the same crowd over multiple events.

The Solution:

invert720 knows that Fountain Tire values their people and long-term trusting relationships. invert720 has delivered on all-fronts to Fountain Tire for over a decade. When the invert720 team is working with Fountain Tire, they’re all on the same team and work towards the same goal. When asked about how invert720 has helped overcome challenges leading up to an event, Denise Gohl-Eacrett, Manager of Marketing and Communications for Fountain Tire has remarked that “[they] rely on their expertise right from location scoping. Give them a challenge or problem and they are dedicated to a solution.”  For these events, invert720 does all technical production, screen content displays, designs and coordination with the venue so that the Fountain Tire team can focus on the most important aspect – bringing together their team.

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