invert720 productions is not your average live event and video production company. Quality is key, and so is the invert process. It’s never ok to paint every event with the same brush. Taking a creative approach to event production has proven that audiences at our events are engaged in the event experience – not just passive participants.

What does the "720" in invert720 productions mean?

Two guys that did a 360 is a popular answer. Or four guys doing a 180. It’s actually a snowboard trick but it speaks to the invert vision combining experience, calculated risk, no-fear of heights and a lot of flair.


Nothing beats experience. Seriously. All the education, thinking and theorizing, in our field, has never been able to take the place of get-your-hands-dirty experience. We have had the chance to work with clients of all types, timelines of various lengths and budgets at all levels. Together, our team brings passion and experience to the planning process. Through these experiences we have found a process that works for us and for our clients.

Safety is a key part of our process. Some of the courses we’ve taken to ensure our sites are safe:

  • First Aid – Level C
  • OSSA Fall Arrest
  • EWP Aerial Lift Certified


What does it take to work with Invert?

We’re always looking for new invert-ers interested in bringing their loyalty, dedication, and authentic creativity to the team. It doesn’t hurt if you can rock our invert clothing line (we favour black as our colour of choice). You might be the right fit for us if you’re interested in working on a corporate video shoot one day, then setting up for a live event production crew, followed by very little sleep before loading/unloading for the next adventure.

If you think you’re a good fit – send us your resume at

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